Wednesday, August 24

Three Word Wednesday

Yes, it's time for yet another round of Three Word Wednesday! This week's words: lie, adapt, glide. Lately it might seem like these are all I'm writing, because drabbles are all I've been posting here for the past while. I *do* have some other interesting projects on the go right now - just don't want to say too much about them before they're ready to be shared. You know how it is.

I watch dragonflies gliding over the swimming pool’s surface, their ebon bodies reflecting sunlight.
“You going to just lie in that hammock all day?” Susan asks, her words stabbing into the moment. “I mean, that’s what you did yesterday, and the day before. Would be nice if you did something with your life.” She didn’t wait to give me a chance to retort, and stormed back into the house.
We’ve got twenty million in a Swiss bank account, all we ever dreamed of, and she won’t let me relax my life away. Some people just don’t know how to adapt.


  1. aw how sad that she won't let him relax even for a little while.great story.

  2. :o) ... I loved this, very good!