Wednesday, June 15

Six Strings of Heaven

Another Three Word Wednesday story!  This one's not quite a drabble, as mine usually are: I hewed and I hewed at it, but I couldn't get it down to that magical 100 words. Hope you enjoy anyways!
Prompt words: Thread, Prefer, Grip

“Those some sharp threads you got on,” Leroy said to the well-dressed man. “Little warm for them though, isn't it?”
“i'm used to the heat,” he replied. “Mind if i sit a spell?”
“Actually, I'd prefer you didn't,” Leroy said, gripping his guitar's neck tightly. “I know why you're here, and want none of it.”
“Are you sure about that? The interests i represent have a great interest in you, Leroy. They'll pay any price to have you come work for us.”
“I already got all of heaven and hell between my fingers,” Leroy said. “Ain't nothing you can offer me that these six strings can't provide. Now get on out of here.”
“Very well, it's your funeral,” the well-dressed man said as he turned to leave.

Wednesday, June 8

Three Word Wednesday - The Conqueror

This week's words: tranquil, fond, alter.  Visit for more info on Three Word Wednesday

The Conqueror sighed as the tranquil air blew through his hair. When he reached these fields a generation ago, it was to raze them, as part of a prophecy that he would reshape reality in his image. He never suspected that it was he who would be altered; that he would grow as fond of this place of peace as he had been of destruction.

'Conqueror'. They still called him that. At first he thought they were mocking him, but with him he came to realize the truth. He share their sense of peace; he had conquered the fiercest dragon.

Tuesday, June 7

Hello readers!

I have been a negligent author.  For that, I apologize.

Some real life stuff came up, which is a horrible excuse, I know, but here we are.  Also, I hit a snag with the Warriors of Khor story I was serializing - one that, sadly, requires some serious rethinking of the early parts of the story.  So for now I'll be taking that one offline and it'll be returning later on after I've got all the kinks worked out.

I do have some exciting things on the horizon, though, so make sure to stay tuned, true believers!