Wednesday, February 23

Three Word Wednesday!

This week I'm taking part  in 3 Word Wednesday!  The idea behind it is to take three words that you're assigned and work them into a piece of writing.  I buckled down and came up with this crime fiction drabble:

As the cops dragged me from the bank to the cruiser, they thought my silence was me exercising my rights. Instead I was thinking about how Benny got me into this mess.
“The way I figure it, you still owe me,” he had said with a smirk. “Plus, it's a juicy score.
He was right – I owed him. I had enough stress in my life without this asshole crawling back into it, though.
“I do this, we're even, right?” I asked.
“We go our separate ways,” he confirmed.
He forgot to mention my separate way was to a prison cell.

Tuesday, February 1

The Three Little Druids

 In my day gig I teach adults.  I was doing a reading with a student about stonehenge a little while ago and this popped into my head, fully formed.  (cross-posted to my ficly account)

There were once three little druids who set out to find their fortune by building henges. The first little druid made his henge out of straw. But then along came a big, bad dragon, who huffed, and puffed, and burned that little henge down! The second little druid made his henge out of wood. But along came that dragon again, and he huffed, and puffed, and burned that little henge down! The third little druid made his henge out of stone.  When the dragon came by, he huffed, and he puffed, but he just couldn't burn that little henge down!

Write 1 Sub 1 Update

Technically I was able to complete the requirements of the "Light Ray" for Write 1 Sub 1.  I wrote a story (1.8 stories, to be exact), although that was just first drafts.  I also submitted a story, but it was neither of those - I had written one late last year to have as a backup in case I couldn't finish a completed story during one of the months this year.  Already having used my backup makes me feel a little nervous about the coming months, but hopefully I'll be able to ramp things up a little more in February.

February plans: revise the two stories I was working on this month, and submit them both as well as writing another new story.  It's a shorter month, but I have a week off from my day gig so it should be manageable!