Friday, September 30

Friday Flash!

This was originally just going to be a #vss, and then it grew to a drabble. It could probably grow further, as well, but I decided to put a cap on it! I was going to post it on ficly, but since today is Friday, why not put it on here as a Friday Flash!

Trog dabbed the stick in the paint again, smearing it across the wall of the cave. He had no idea what this was meant to accomplish, or why he was painting a deer. They'd never seen deer near here.

The odd-smelling man in the strange animal skins had said it would be “a hilarious prank”; Trog didn't what that meant, nor kind of animal had originally worn the fancy silver skins the man wore. What did he know was that the man had given him enough meat and tools to feed the clan throughout winter, so he kept painting.

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