Thursday, August 4

Three Word Wednesday - On a Thursday?

I wrote this up yesterday, hoping to take part in Three Word Wednesday after a bit of an absence - and then promptly forgot to post it.  Hope you enjoy it anyway!

The words I was prompted to use this week are dose, pierce, and appear.

My piercings tell a story.
Someone once asked me if that meant they’re in Morse code – like, the studs are dots and the rings dashes, or something like that.  I don’t think about them that far in advance, though.
If you could make a time-lapse video of me, you’d see the metal appear at the major events of my life; the Industrial when I left my parents’ house; the septum ring from the day I finished school. The nipple rings were a double dose, celebrating a simultaneously-occurring champagne birthday and divorce.
They tell a story, and that story is me.   

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