Tuesday, December 28

Tweet Me A Story!

Just signed up for the Tweet Me A Story contest on http://www.nycmidnight.com/competitions/tweet/Tweet.htm

They give you a word, you write a story about it in 140 characters or less.  Should be a fun time!

Wednesday, December 22


This morning I discovered ficly.com, a site that challenges you to write 1024 characters at a time.  Kind of like a hulked-up version of twitter, I suppose, but only for fiction, and one that encourages writers to build off of each others' stories.

Not sure how often I'll use it, but it seems fun.  Check out my profile and/or Dragons, the first thing I wrote for it.

Hello there!

Hi there.  I'm Ryan, and I'm an unpublished author.

2011 will be, if all goes according to plan, a big year for me, so I thought it would be prudent to set up this blog to document that experience, as well as doing some indie publishing along the way.

Current plans for 2011 include:

  1. Finishing one of the projects I started during the trainwreck that was my Nanowrimo attempt for 2010, and submitting it for publication.
  2. Taking part semi-regularly in #fridayflash - I can't promise I'll be there every week, but I'm hoping for at least once per month.
  3. Write1Sub1 - I'll be doing the "Light Ray" variant of this challenge, with the goal of writing and submitting one short story per month. 
Should make for an exciting year!