Wednesday, August 17

Name change!

Hello readers!

As some-if-not-most-of-you probably already know, the name I've been using on this blog for the past while, Ryan Underhill, is not my "real" name. It's a pen name that I decided to start using at the beginning of 2011, chosen partially because I wanted to use my birth first name and a last name that was fairly obviously a pseudonym.

The problem is, I haven't really been loving it. "Underhill" is a long name, and feels kind of clunky, even though I still like my reasoning behind picking it. So I've decided to shorten it, because what's the point in having a pseudonym if it's one you don't love?

My twitter ID's been changed as a result, as well, to @IAmRyanHill, and the same name for my email ( One thing I am going to be keeping as 'underhill', however, is the URL of this blog - I know there are a few people subscribed to RSS feeds, and a few that have linked to the blog, and I wouldn't want to mess up those things by making an address change.

Til next time, true believers!

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