Monday, March 14


Now and then I like to post little mini pieces of fiction to twitter with the hashtag #vss (Very Short Stories). For those of you not on twitter, I thought it would be a good idea to create an ongoing archive of them here as well:

  1. She ignored my @ replies. I thought she hated me. Then I saw the patterns in her RTs. They told me she still cared, & still wanted me.
  2. Jack cracked open a beer and took a swig as he surveyed the perfectly uniform bodies of his victims. Killing clones was thirsty work.
  3. My school uniform has a dress shirt under a sweater. I've drawn a heart on the shirt to replace the one you took. It's my silent rebellion.
  4. Lucy had known what she was getting into, marrying a uniform. Still, she wasn't ready for the phone call she got that rainy April morning.

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