Wednesday, March 9

Three Word Wednesday - The Haunting

 Another drabble for Three Word Wednesday this week!  This week's words: dainty, haunting, and tantalize.  I'm cheating a little by conjugating tantalize, and by using a different meaning for haunting than the one supplied in the prompt, but well, what can you do.

Lucia was frustrated. It'd been three months since the new owners moved in, and she thought she had been doing a good job of haunting them. The miss's dainty clothes were taken from her dresser and tossed around the bedroom; the mister heard her shocking screams whenever he went to the wine cellar. They were only tantalized by it all. “Oh, wait until the neighbours hear about this!” they cooed after every act. She didn't know if they would ever leave. And if they didn't, how would she be able to show her face at her next deathday party?


  1. Fantastic Flash - made me think about 'BeetleJuice' do you become a good ghost..Jae

  2. Sheilagh Lee said: Brilliant a very interesting short story.

  3. Nice, peer pressure on the other side too? Vb

  4. They showed her!
    Mine has an unexpected twist as well: