Monday, March 7

On poker, fiction, and serendipity

Last summer I watched the film Rounders for the first time.  It's a wonderful little story of poker, friendship, and redemption, and features some excellent performances throughout, especially by the two leads (Ed Norton and Matt Damon).  I knew after watching the film that I wanted to writer some poker fiction, and wrote up the story piece Deal.  I submitted it to a flash contest and it didn't go anywhere, and after that I shoved it in a folder on my desktop, where it stayed until I figured it would make for a good start to me posting some Friday Flash on the site.

Unbeknownst to me, last Friday another Friday Flasher named Icy Sedgwick was finishing up a flash trilogy also dealing with Death and cards called Dead Man's Hand.  If you haven't read it already, and liked Deal, you really should head over to Icy's site and check it out - it's a great read. 

Thanks to John for pointing Dead Man's Hand out to me in the comments for Deal, and huzzah for serendipity, even though I can't escape the feeling that this makes my story a horrible introduction to the Friday Flash community!  I suppose it shows there's still great benefit in researching a market/community before you submit something :o)

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