Wednesday, March 16

Three Word Wednesday - The Yucatan Breeze

This week's words for Three Word Wednesday: Breeze, Tickle, Mellow.

   “The bubbles keep tickling my nose,” she said as she sipped her drink.  “What did you say it was called?”
    “It's a Yucatan Breeze,” I replied. 
    “It's so mellow,” she said.  “There's booze in this, right? I can't even taste it.”
    As she motioned to the waiter for another, I started to stare into the horizon. Of course she loved it; it was just like the life we'd built together. Full of bubbles, but full of hidden surprises.
    I stood up from my deck chair and started to walk to the ocean, unsure I'd return.

(note: There is not, to my knowledge, a cocktail called a Yucatan Breeze.  But it feels like there should be.)


  1. Nice write. We both had a beach theme to our writing. Maybe your man in this story is the same one that is sitting by the dune in my writing.

  2. Very nice, beautiful use of the prompt words :)

  3. Ah! The last three words turned this little tale suddenly rather dark. Some of those bubbles had burst along the way - I presume.

  4. I really like the way you did this, especially that sneaky twist at the end.

    On your side note: Yes, there should be one.

  5. Well done. Nice twist to leave me pondering what may have been.

    The Poetry Bin

  6. That was an unexpected ending. Nicely penned story.