Tuesday, April 12

Warriors of Khor part two

Previously, in Warriors of Khor

The next morning, Stuart arrived at work so tired and bleary-eyed that he could barely see. After what he was already calling his “character assassination”, Stuart had tried to log back onto one of the Khor servers, but had had no luck doing so. After that he had spent hours online the night previous, trying to understand what had happened to Graeden, trying to learn what his guild had done to him and his account. He'd gotten nothing.

His only hope now was to contact customer support, something he was loathe to do, as it typically meant spending hours on hold only to get advice from people with less technical skill than he had.
“Hey, Stuart, wait up!” he heard as he walked paat the office's kitchenette. Stuart stopped his beeline towards his office and turned to see his boss, Mr. Daniels.
“Good morning, sir,” he said hesitantly, surprised to see Daniels here so early.
“Stu, did you get a chance to start that research that we were talking about in the meeting yesterday?”
“The research? No, not yet, sir,” Stuart said, completely oblivious to the subject of the research that Daniels was talking about. “Had a bit of a project backlog to get through yesterday. I should be able to get a start on it this morning, though.”
“Good to hear, good to hear,” Daniels said. “This is a big project, Stu, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.”
“Yes sir. I'll get on it right away,” Stu said, turning to return his walk to his office.
By the time he had reached his office, Stuart had completely forgotten about the research. Instead he was on the phone immediately, dialing the support line for MagiGame Entertainment, the company that produced Warriors of Khor. He immediately found himself on hold.
Stuart realized he would likely be on hold for awhile, so he put the computer on speakerphone, turned on his computer, and closed the door to the office. He opened several files on the computer once the operating system had loaded up; enough to make it appear as though he was hard at work while he waited for the phone.
Half an hour later, someone picked up on the other end of the phone. “Hi, you've reached MagiGame customer support. This is Darcy speaking. How can I help you?” came the voice on the other end, the words stringing together as if they formed one long sentence. Stuart picked up the phone.
“Hi, I'm calling about a problem with my account,” Stuart said, just as there was a knock on his door. Stuart took a quick look at the window next to his door, and saw Shiela, one of the office gophers, waving at him. He waved for her to come in.
“Okay, sir, do you have your account number handy?” Darcy asked.
“Yeah, it's account number 64832G41KT,” Stuart said, reciting the account number from memory.
“Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting,” Shiela whispered, sliding a single piece of paper onto his desk. Stuart nodded his head in acknowledgement and she left.
“I'm sorry, sir, that account number doesn't appear to be in our database,” Darcy said after a few moments of typing. “Are you sure you have it correct?”
“Yes I'm sure,” Stuart said dismissively.
“Do you have the email address associated with the account?” Darcy asked. “I could always search based on that.”
He gave her his address and she tried again. “I'm sorry, but I'm still not finding it,” she said after another search.
“That's impossible,” Stuart said. “I've been using that account for the past three and a half goddamn years. How can you tell me it's just not there?”
“I'm sorry, but it's just not,” she said again. “I've ran the search twice, both by the account number and email address that you provided, and both came up blank. Are you sure you had an account with us?”
“I'd like to speak to your manager,” Staurt said through gritted teeth.
“Okay, sure thing,” Darcy said. “Just give me a moment, and I'll transfer you to him.”
Stuart spent the next hour on the phone with a Customer Experience Manager, trying to convince the man that he was sure that he had an account through MagiGame. “I've been playing the damn thing every night for the past three years,” he finally said. “It's not like I would have just imagined that!”
“At this point, sir, I'm not sure what more I can tell you,” the CEM told him. “If you'd like, I can set up a new account for you, and we can send you a free demo disc with a thirty day trial version of Warriors of Khor on it, if you'd like?”
“Yeah, sure, why don't you do that?” Stuart said, slamming the phone down on its receiver. The phone hung up, Stuart looked at his clock and realized it was already time for his lunch break. His appetite ruined by the morning's telephone exchange, he decided to go out for a walk to try to work off some of his frustration.
As he circled around his office building, Stuart had a realization. He shouldn't have hung up on the customer service person, because a new account was exactly what he needed. And he knew exactly what he was going to do with it.

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