Wednesday, April 20

Three Word Wednesday

I knead the dough mercilessly, relentlessly.  Father said the work a man does with his hands is what cleanses his soul of sin.  I am generally inclined to disagree with the old man, but he knew his sins, so there must be something to that.

I work the dough until all my sins have passed into it.  Then I shape it into a loaf, placing it in the oven to bake.  Later, I melt some butter to make a glaze; later still I give it to my dinner guests.  They devour it, sin and all, with smiles on their faces.


  1. Ha, ha. Nice variation on the role of a 'sin eater'. Nice use of the words.

  2. Oh my goodness! Tricky take on sin-eating. I think I shall avoid your dinner table. ;-)

  3. I love how your mind works LOL
    Very sneaky :)

  4. they devour it sin and all quite interesting how that works.:)

  5. Riminds me of Stephen Kings novella "Thinner". An excellent visual.