Wednesday, February 23

Three Word Wednesday!

This week I'm taking part  in 3 Word Wednesday!  The idea behind it is to take three words that you're assigned and work them into a piece of writing.  I buckled down and came up with this crime fiction drabble:

As the cops dragged me from the bank to the cruiser, they thought my silence was me exercising my rights. Instead I was thinking about how Benny got me into this mess.
“The way I figure it, you still owe me,” he had said with a smirk. “Plus, it's a juicy score.
He was right – I owed him. I had enough stress in my life without this asshole crawling back into it, though.
“I do this, we're even, right?” I asked.
“We go our separate ways,” he confirmed.
He forgot to mention my separate way was to a prison cell.


  1. Sheilagh Lee said short sweet and to the point.Love what you wrote with the prompts

  2. Pretty much the whole story in just eight lines - impressive! Very well done, you don't waste words.

  3. Great piece of 'flash' I could really imagine the bigger picture..great last line too..Jae

  4. a great short story.

  5. Nice! quite an entertaining read...