Friday, March 9

#FridayFlash - Name Day

Just a short one for this week. This one's a drabble, which is a special kind of flash fiction that's exactly 100 words in length.They present an even more unique challenge than a regular piece of flash does, so I try to write one every now and then :o)

Reebok Jones bit his lip as he read through the list of offers sitting on his table.  Tomorrow would be his twentieth birthday.  Usually this was an awkward one, lacking the pomp of the rites of passage associated with nineteenth or twenty-first birthdays.  For him, though, it was big - the naming rights lease his parents had signed was set to expire.  He would no longer be Reebok Jones, and would be, for the first time, able to choose his own name.  He had no idea what brand he wanted to represent next.  Who did he want to be?

Note: this story, along with others, appears in the collection All Our Tomorrows.


  1. Google Jones has quite a nice ring to it...

  2. And what about Facebook Jones - the world has endless possibilities for the young Mr. Jones. This was very clever -- funny and intriguing.

  3. I like how this merges some cultures that allow you to pick names with a somewhat scary idea of marketing-identity.