Thursday, March 1

All Our Tomorrows

I am very pleased to announce that I'm going to have a new ebook available for purchase starting March 7, 2012 (next Wednesday). The book is titled "All our Tomorrows", is a collection of flash fiction and is going to be sold through Smashwords and other retailers for $1.

To help raise interest in the collection, throughout March I'm going to be posting individual stories from the collection on the blog here, as part of #FridayFlash. I used to be really active with posting flash on Fridays, but that's fallen by the wayside in the past while, and I think this will help kickstart my taking part in that community some more, as well as serving a promotional service for the book.

So, keep watching this space - as well as the Friday Flashes, I've got some other fun promotional stuff planned throughout the month, including some crossover promos with other authors, and some ways for people to get free copies of the ebook.

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