Sunday, November 6

Nanowrimo Update - Week 1

Now that we're a few days into the month, I figured I'd update readers with how my Nanowrimo progress was going so far.

Overall, it's going fairly well. I'm just a touch behind my modified pace (18 pages, when I should be at 20), but I'm fairly happy with what I've produced so far. For those of you keeping track of exact word counts vs a "page numbers multipled by average wpp", it's around 5000 words.

I've stuck fairly closely to my hastily-scratched-out outline I "prepared" on the back of a report for work the morning of November 1. My characters seem to be starting to develop, although they all seem to be slightly annoyed and in a rush; possibly this is an effect of where I've been writing, though.

Speaking of 'where', writing on the bus is going better than I'd thought it would. There's been a couple of mornings that I haven't been able to write, because the bus has been too busy, and I worry the end result isn't quite legible, but overall it's been better than I expected - the movement of the bus and the chatter of my fellow commuters are easily ignored.

On the off-chance it would be of interest to anyone, a writing sample!


  1. And you're writing upside down, no less! I'm impressed! ;)

  2. Jen, I've really become a convert to the idea of doing a first draft by hand. I find it helps my ideas flow a lot more freely, and it gives me a chance to take a 'pre-edit' at the text when I type it up.

    Vic, I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you sure your computer isn't just upside down? (no, that doesn't make any sense, but work with me here!)